Unsere Russisch Sprachkurse

Kursauswahl für effektiven Russisch Sprachunterricht

Russian Courses in Landshut: You can learn so flexibly



You are enthusiastic about the beauties of the Russian language and would like to start learning immediately? Are you looking for Russian courses for beginners and advanced students, which are tailored to your existing knowledge? Nevertheless, you want to remain flexible for professional and personal reasons and not commit to fixed course times? Then our course „Learn Russian in Landshut and surroundings“ is exactly right for you! Immerse yourself in Russian culture and in the language that enchants us with its strange sound. Of course, before you start learning the language, you are welcome to take part in a trial lesson! Just try it out, if you like the online training and if you enjoy learning temporally and spatially flexible according to your wishes.

Modern teaching methods for your Russian courses



Although you want to learn flexible, you do not want to miss out on a little comfort during your course. You want to practice the pronunciation correctly, you want to learn vocabulary and improve the grammar. Learning Russian in Landshut and the surrounding area is no problem for beginners and advanced learners who enjoy working online and who want to use the Internet to improve their language skills. We work exclusively with the most modern teaching methods, in which several media interlock. Let us convince you how to learn Russian while having fun working with new media. Our Russian courses in Landshut are based on state-of-the-art methods, so that beginners and advanced students can expand their knowledge in a targeted manner and quickly achieve initial success.

Privatunterricht für alle, die Russisch lernen wollen


Sie möchten Ihre neue Fremdsprache schnell und effektiv lernen, ohne dabei Ihr Zuhause zu verlassen? Unabhängig davon, ob Sie aus privaten oder beruflichen Gründen nicht an dem Unterricht mit anderen teilnehmen können, haben Sie bei uns die Gelegenheit, Einzelunterricht zu nehmen. Schon in der Probestunde findet ein erfahrener Lehrer heraus, wie Ihr Sprachniveau ausgeprägt ist. Als Anfänger lernen Sie schnell die wichtigsten Grundbegriffe, um sich zu verständigen. Fortgeschrittene verbessern ihr Hörverständnis und optimieren ihre Aussprache. Natürlich arbeiten wir im Privatunterricht bei Ihnen zu Hause auch an der Grammatik oder an der geschriebenen Sprache. Tauchen Sie im Unterricht mit Ihrem Privatlehrer in die Tiefen der russischen Sprache ein, und lernen Sie auch die Kultur ein wenig kennen. So erleben Sie die Feinheiten Ihrer neuen Fremdsprache noch besser, und können sich bald richtig gut im Gespräch verständigen.

Russian one-to-one lessons are ideal for those in a hurry


You want to learn Russian very quickly in Landshut and surroundings, because you need to have a basic knowledge of how to visit Russia? Or do you need to improve your language skills at short notice? Then our private lessons are just right for you. They learn at their own pace with a native speaker and become safer with pronunciation and understanding with each lesson. As a result, you’ll get a lot of progress in a short space of time and have even more fun with your new foreign language, which you may soon be allowed to apply in Russia.